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:D by HitTheReplayButton :D :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 10 3 I LIVE by HitTheReplayButton I LIVE :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 6 2 Awkward work photo (Sigmund Corp) by HitTheReplayButton Awkward work photo (Sigmund Corp) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 19 7 Scene from SigCorp Minisode 2 (last time XD) by HitTheReplayButton Scene from SigCorp Minisode 2 (last time XD) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 17 3 Agents of Sigmund (headshots only) by HitTheReplayButton Agents of Sigmund (headshots only) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 10 0 On a boat (Eva Rosalene) by HitTheReplayButton On a boat (Eva Rosalene) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 6 0 Running around (Neil Watts) by HitTheReplayButton Running around (Neil Watts) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 12 3 Eva Rosalene (memory ver.) by HitTheReplayButton Eva Rosalene (memory ver.) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 13 3 Eva Rosalene by HitTheReplayButton Eva Rosalene :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 20 0 The Doctors! (Rosalene and Watts) by HitTheReplayButton The Doctors! (Rosalene and Watts) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 13 0 Eva and Neil WIP by HitTheReplayButton Eva and Neil WIP :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 10 2 Festival (Eva Rosalene, Neil Watts) by HitTheReplayButton Festival (Eva Rosalene, Neil Watts) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 12 0 Sigmund Corp (Freebird Games) by HitTheReplayButton Sigmund Corp (Freebird Games) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 11 0 Summer's afternoon by HitTheReplayButton Summer's afternoon :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 14 7 Finding Paradise (from screenshot) by HitTheReplayButton Finding Paradise (from screenshot) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 3 0 Winter wonderland (Rosawatts lol) by HitTheReplayButton Winter wonderland (Rosawatts lol) :iconhitthereplaybutton:HitTheReplayButton 9 6



aaaaaa I'm still here!! 
I've been into digital painting lately, and I wanted to draw Neil... so this happened!
Neil seems like the kind of character who would take selfies on random occasion, so I tried to set it up as a "first day at work" kinda thing.
I bet he'd also take hundreds of terrible selfies on Eva's phone if he could get his hands on it =P (Razz) 

Omg those teeth tho XD need to work on that!
I'm still heere
This drawing is actually over a year old, but I just added shading tonight. You can tell the proportions are off, especially with the heads...
Eva and Neil in a random scenario of Neil jamming in a hotel room XD At my school, we occasionally have big trips every few years where we stay one or two nights in a hotel while we're there, and they allow visitors in the rooms till lights out, so it's plausible!
(Characters from To The Moon, background originally from Google.
Awkward work photo (Sigmund Corp)
"That's...not quite how I envisioned it."
(I bet they had to take a better one afterwards XD)
This took soo long. I even had a scare when I thought I had lost all of the shading...
Doctors from left to right:
Lisa Vazquez, Logan Boswell, Eddie Doyle, Neil Watts, Willis McMillan, Eva Rosalene, Taima McMillan, Roxanne Winters, Robert Lin.
Characters belong to Freebird Games and Kan Gao! Game series: Sigmund Corp (To The Moon, A Bird Story, Finding Paradise...)
Scene from SigCorp Minisode 2 (last time XD)
Okay - I'm not gonna touch this ever again! (at least, not for the next few years or whatnot)
I've done this over twice now... Y'all must be sick of seeing it.
I don't know how much of an improvement was even made over the original. The background was certainly more painful though. This is probably the first time I've done two-point perspective on digital - even FireAlpaca's straight line tool couldn't save me.
From video game series Sigmund Corp:
Dr. Neil Watts
Dr. Eva Rosalene
Doing school as usual.
I think I really like analyzing stories, though; maybe I'll try one out of school one day.
Finding Paradise is almost a year away, but nevertheless... I'm in hype mode for the rest of the waiting period. I suppose that might explain why even after I cleaned up my stuff, over half of it is still SigCorp related ^v^;
Y'all should totally listen to "Starlight Express" - it's a bit old, and cheesy, but I like it.


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Karen Herwono
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Where magics happen. Not much goes on here, but I post art when I'm very excited.
I like To The Moon (and Sigmund Corp), Professor Layton, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Ace Attorney, Nintendo, salmon, sushi, cats, art, and music!
My channel on Youtube is also HitTheReplayButton, but don't go there! It's eeevviiiiiiillllllll
I have a Scratch though, check it out!


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